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Why Is Screening Important?​

Do you really want to be alone with someone who invites anyone and everyone over who asks?  If she isn't concerned about her own safety, how concerned do you think she is about yours?  I don't have a big hulking "bodyguard" next door or outside like some of my peers. The bottom line is that the more comfortable I am with you before we meet, the better our time together is likely to be.


Sometimes only one of the following will suffice. But often I will need two. If you're contacting me from a disposable phone or app, please understand that links alone, even two of them, will probably not work. I'll need something that helps me verify that those links are actually you.

A LinkedIn profile with a fairly recent photo.

Professional email,  I have a second email account with no connection to the hobby for a discrete and brief exchange.

​A collegiate (.edu) email.  But hey, if you graduated 5 years ago, that might not be sufficient, even if you've kept the email active.

I could discretely call and ask for you at your desk through the automated attendant, dial by name system or receptionist.  Even if you're not there, I could and leave a message for you to retrieve.

A photo of you on a company website.

An article written by you that includes a photo.

Certain hobby board memberships. Those will be considered on a case by base basis and even then there has to have been interaction between you and ladies there.  Typically P411 and RS2K always work. 

References from at least two companions you've met in the last six months. They have to both be serious companions when real internet footprints and not just a collection of free ads. Please understand that when relying on references, a short notice visit is unlikely. Also, references alone won' be accepted if you're texting from a disposable  number,

Your drivers license and a selfie accompanied by a text from a number that reverse searches to you.  In other words, not an app number or burner.


Personal social media might work as one item.  But I absolutely have to see it before I can say for certain.

If you can think of something similar to the above, tell me about it.  Maybe that will work for us.  


But I'm sure we'll figure it out.

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